First glimpse of the living room and ‘feature fireplace’ back in 2008 just after we’d bought the house…

Unfitted kitchen unit in the living room

It had to go! Ian took a sledgehammer to it, despite my misgivings that the house might fall down…

We tiled the plinth and installed our first woodburner; there was no electricity in the house then, but we did have a back-up paraffin heater!

TKernolou 2010 First Woodburner before electricity

You couldn’t really control the burner it was either on full with the door rattling or going out, but it did make the whole place toasty warm after a couple of days.

Fast forward and a few years later we had our second, slightly more grown-up stove installed; we settled on a Hunters Cleanburn which although significantly more expensive is fully controllable so burns far less logs and gives off the most amazing glow not to mention heat – the difference is unbelievable!

Kernolou 2017 fireplace

See my previous blog… new woodburner and here’s a link to Hunters site too.