In fact more like a wander through the woods; last weekend as almost every other saw us on a different trail in our mission to take Herbie the mischievous Miniature Schnauzer out of the capital and into the country for frolics in the fresh air.

Broxbourne Hertfordshire

Actually we’ve visited Broxbourne previously and having been particularly impressed with the Sculpture Trail decided to further explore this ancient woodland that is nestled in the Hertfordshire countryside just 20 miles from London.

Walk in the woods at Broxbourne

The photos here don’t do justice to the damp January weather or the bog-like conditions underfoot. Still, nothing was going to stop H from having the best time, racing up and down hills or through the undergrowth and its myriad of puddles and ditches to trample in.

Winter walk in the woods

As morning drew to midday our thoughts started to turn towards food and a quick Google for dog friendly pubs in the area suggested the Crown at Lower Nazeing just by the River Lea. We packed pooch in the back of the car and headed right over, stopping only for one last ‘doggy comfort break’ stroll along the river to ensure that we’d have a peaceful and relaxing lunch.

Walking along the River Lea

As we walked along the river the skies started to grey over, small drops of rain spattering our heads, we decided that it was time to go and get warm – the doors of the Crown were decidedly calling out for company (contd)…