Our little Eurohike tent has served us well over the years both as backpackers on foot & train and more recently with the luxury of a car to speed us to all the corners of the country in air-conditioned bliss.

After a recent lovely, if slightly uncomfortable, weekend camping down in the New Forest it occured to me that the ground seems to harden proportionate to increase in one’s age and so maybe time then to find a new way to enjoy the pleasures of the beautiful British countryside.

There are some amazingly cool micro-caravans on the market equipped with everything you need and more, a world away from the pioneering CI Sprite models that bought caravanning to the masses n the 50’s and 60’s for as little as £200. Progress comes with a hefty price tag though and certainly one beyond our budget for the odd weekend away.

The French have long been mystified with the English attraction of towing a caravan preferring instead the simplicity of one vehicle, namely the camping car or motorhome as we know them. Not for us these gas guzzling beasts of the road, some as big as a national express coach, we were looking for something with individuality and style with a nod to a former era of a simpler experience; a caravanette or campervan if you prefer.

After a couple of missed e-bay opportunitites we’re now the proud caretakers of a retro Bedford Bambi which has been cherished and cared for by a series or owners over its 25 odd years, most recently by the lovely Beverley from Kent who this weekend (a tad reluctanctly) entrusted us with custody of the little van, charmingly known as Talullah.

and so another new chapter begins, one hopefully packed with a series of fortunate events and adventures! Watch out for future Tales of Talullah here…