The charming little port of Ouistreham isn’t actually in Caen, a fact we’d discovered on a previous journey that had entailed a mad-dash across Normandy from deepest Brittany and after enjoying a brief but misguided sense of relief at having arrived with only minutes to spare before check-in for the ferry closed, then to realise that the port is nearly 20km further to the north!


We were not alone; the D515 was awash with cars bearing GB number plates, their drivers faces etched with a mixture of concentration and panic, forward leaning and hunched over steering wheels in some unfounded hope that this would somehow hasten their arrival. It was all ok in the end though; the good folk at Brittany Ferries seem to be used to it and happily managed to check everyone in despite the tardiness.

Last week our travels were disrupted due to bad weather and once again we found ourselves re-routed via Caen and booked onto the rather swish MV Mont St Michel overnight ferry to Portsmouth. This time though we were prepared; left early and despite the awful driving conditions made good time to Caen and Ouistreham, time enough in fact for a much needed dinner on the promenade ….(contd)